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Picture and Fixed Windows

Picture & Fixed Windows Made in Canada

 For a beautiful view of outside, picture & fixed windows are stationary and can’t move or open. Let's review the differences between these non-operable windows.


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               Picture window                                                      Fixed window



Picture windows 



Picture windows have a sealed unit fused directly into the window frame. These non-operational windows feature a simple, external frame for a free, uninterrupted glass surface, creating a crystal-clear, open view.

Picture windows can be made in the standard frame style or be customized to match with neighboring windows.





Fixed windows

Fixed windows are also non-opening windows. Meant to invite natural light and add far-reaching views of the outdoor space.The basic difference between Fixed and Picture windows is the frame size. Fixed windows have bigger frames, designed to provide an expansive look at landscapes or stretches of land.

They are made to match the adjacent windows, for a more unified and contemporary effect.



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