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Shaped Windows

Best Shaped Windows Made in Canada


Our specialty shaped windows combine high-quality craftsmanship with a clean, sleek design. Top-of-the-line engineering and the best window construction in Toronto make these windows durable, stylish and weather-resistant. Choose from an assortment of shapes and sizes to customize stunning, light-filled spaces.

shaped windows toronto


 Premium design features

  • Hand-crafted frame and sash are extremely durable and secure
  • Glass is  fully insulated to save energy in your home
  • Glossy vinyl shaped windows offer a clean sheen for a luxurious look
  • Cooling system technology to reduce summer heat by reflecting solar rays, while shielding 84% of UV light
  • Cardinal finish (LoE 2) prevents heat loss up to 51% to minimize energy use during winter
  • Frame and sash corners are fusion-welded into the unit
  • Frames are designed with a permanent seal, avoiding water and air from leaking inside
  • Lowest price guarantee on shaped windows